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Blog Posts in November, 2016

  • Behaviors That Can Slowly End a Marriage

    While infidelity and lying to your spouse can result in an end to a marriage, there are other, less-obvious behaviors that are just as damaging to a relationship. Unfortunately, many people may not be aware that their actions, no matter how benign or subtle they seem, are slowly killing their marriage. Common behaviors to be aware of include the following: You rarely touch each other. If you have ...
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  • Helping Your Children Survive Divorce

    Divorce can be frustrating, confusing, and devastating for children. Since they know that their parents are on the brink of separating for good, it can be a traumatizing experience that can have a tremendous impact on their future. As parents, there is no question you have a lot to deal with during a divorce. However, it is up to the adults to educate their children about how a divorce will affect ...
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  • Helping Your Child Overcome Gender Stereotypes

    Many people believe boys should be courageous and strong, while girls must be nurturing and delicate; boys should strive for dominance and be active, while girls must be passive and submissive. Unfortunately, gender stereotypes can have a harmful effect on both men and women. As parents, we are sometimes inadvertently reinforcing stereotyping. Whether you compliment boys and girls in different ...
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  • Common Marriage Advice You Should Ignore

    Whether you plan to get married or in the middle of a marriage, you may hear constant advice from your family, friends, and peers. While certain relationship advice is popular, there is some out there that aren't worth applying to your own. The following are the common marriage advice you should ignore: Relationships are not supposed to be easy. Even though relationships take work and arguing is ...
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