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Family law matters are amongst the most emotionally exhausting and stressful legal matters that an individual can face. If you are going through a complex family law matter or are considering divorce, turn to our legal team for trusted support and guidance. We have been protecting the rights of families throughout Georgia for years and are fully equipped to help you navigate the process and overcome the challenges you are facing.

Our law firm is focused solely on representing family law matters. We are well-versed in Georgia’s family law statutes and remain up-to-date on the latest changes that affect families. As skilled Alpharetta divorce lawyers, we are dedicated to providing effective solutions to help families move forward with their lives in the best way possible. From high-stakes divorces to difficult custody disputes, we are prepared to walk you through the legal process and fight for your interests.

We can protect you during their family’s most challenging moments.

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Family Law & Divorce News

Parenting Time Exchange: Anxiety in Young Children Part 1

September 22nd, 2017|0 Comments

Advice for custodial parents when their child objects to spending time with one of their parents.

It is common for young children whose parents are no longer together to, at some point, express that they do not wish to spend time, or wish to spend less time, with one of their parents, most commonly the noncustodial parent. This can be a very difficult situation for both parents. Both the custodial and noncustodial parent can handle the situation in a manner that is healthy for their child and also helpful in any subsequent court case seeking to change custody and/or parenting time.

Drug Abuse and Custody Cases: Evaluation and Visitation

September 12th, 2017|0 Comments

Substance abuse evaluations may confirm drug use and recommend treatment, while supervised visitation protects children in cases of ongoing drug abuse.

As discussed in a previous blog, heroin and prescription opioid abuse is an escalating public health crisis that is sweeping across Georgia. As a result, more and more child custody cases involve drug use by one or more parents. This blog discusses additional steps that can be taken by the court to protect the children in these cases.

Drug Abuse and Custody Cases: Drug Testing

August 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

Initial and random drug testing may be performed to confirm allegations of drug abuse and ensure compliance with court orders.

Initial and random drug testing may be performed to confirm allegations of drug abuse and ensure compliance with court orders.
Heroin and prescription opioid use is on the rise across the country and has become a national epidemic. In Georgia, overdose deaths have jumped by 51 percent since 2015, and courts have seen a correlative rise in child custody cases involving drug use by one or both of the parents. Drug testing, either by agreement between the parties or by order of the Court, is one of several steps that can be taken to protect the children.

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